Plan your Dream Mexico Vacation

Mexico City

The start of a new year brings dreams and ideas to the horizon: where should we go next? With its incredible variety of natural ecosystems, rich history, incomparable cuisine and welcoming population, Mexico should be on top of your list. It’s time to plan your Mexico vacation! 

Traveling to Mexico is easy. You can fly from the United States to Mexico City and other top destinations, like Cancun, Mérida, or Oaxaca. It’s also easy to take domestic flights from Mexico City, so you can extend your trip and explore other regions. The country’s geographic position also makes it a convenient year-round destination. You’ll find mild weather in the capital throughout the year, and warm, sunny weather in tropical areas nearly year-round. Aside from hurricane season, which usually lasts from July to November, you can plan your Mexico vacation without any complications.

Whether you are planning a trip with your family or your friends, Mexico has something that will charm everyone in your group. Below, you will find a selection of some of the best places to visit for your Mexico vacation.

Mexico City – for a vibrant, cultured Mexico vacation

A visit to the sprawling capital of Mexico is an adventure for the senses. History is alive in this city of more than 20 million, and so is a vibrant present, courtesy of its bustling culinary, artistic, and creative scene. Mexico City International Airport welcomes flights from all over the world. It’s a convenient destination for travelers of all ages, as there’s plenty for everyone to enjoy. Five to seven days are a good start to discovering this magnificent city. Although we have to warn you: you’ll always be left wanting more.

With more than 150 recognized museums, culture is everywhere in this city. Major institutions include MUNAL, a breathtaking building that houses Mexican art produced between the 16th and 20th centuries; Museo Nacional de Antropología, with more than 5,000 pre-Hispanic pieces; and the stunning Palacio de Bellas Artes, where you will find murals by artists like David Alfaro Siqueiros and José Clemente Orozco. 

Palacio de Bellas Artes in Mexico City
Palacio Bellas Artes

Mexico City’s diverse neighborhoods are a treat to explore. Walk around the busy streets of Centro Histórico, where many of the city’s historic and cultural sites are concentrated. Or stroll along the tree-lined sidewalks of Condesa and Roma, home to countless restaurants, cafés, bars, and galleries. In Polanco, you will find stylish boutiques and high-end restaurants,. And the south part of the city will surprise you with areas like Coyoacán and San Ángel, whose cobblestone streets and picturesque buildings will make you feel like you’ve left the big city for a few hours. 

All across these areas, you will find countless options to delve into Mexico City’s fascinating culinary landscape. From fine dining options like icons Quintonil and Pujol to casual eateries or irresistible street snacks, there is an immense variety of flavors, concepts, and budget options, too. Mexico City is also home to old-school cantinas, traditional mezcal bars, and modern, inventive cocktail bars, like the award-winning Licorería Limantour and Hanky Panky.

Take a look at our Guide to Mexico City’s best restaurants for more recommendations.

Tulum and the Riviera Maya – for beach lovers

Turquoise waters bathe the coastline of the Riviera Maya, home to some of the most gorgeous beaches in Mexico. The area extends for 80 miles, from low-key Puerto Morelos to trendy Tulum. Here, you’ll find an incredible range of options when it comes to lodging, dining, and activities, catering to travelers of all budgets and interests.  As a region, it’s high on the list of any Mexico vacation plan.

Party-oriented travelers will love Playa del Carmen and its bar-lined Quinta Avenida. Or visit Cancun, the area’s first and largest destination, which offers world-class restaurants, all-inclusive resorts, luxury hotels, and an international airport that welcomes flights from the US, Canada, Europe, and South America. 

For those who want a slow-paced trip with a deeper connection to nature, Bacalar is the place to go. Its famed Seven Color Lagoon is ideal for kayaking, swimming, and enjoying endless hours of relaxation. 

Tulum beaches

Tulum is, indeed, one of its most popular spots, where a bohemian lifestyle and modern luxury coexist in tropical harmony. There are plenty of lodging options to choose from in Tulum, from boutique hotels and larger resorts that have opened recently. A great choice for any group is a private villa where you can enjoy a personalized experience. 

Riding a bike is the best way to explore this coastal town. And definitely spend a day in one of its beach clubs. Mia Beach Club and Papaya Playa Project are two of the liveliest spots. Check out cool boutiques like Kismet, featuring a fantastic eyewear selection, and In The Middle, focused on simple items made with sustainable materials. When it’s time for dinner, make sure to book a table at Arca, where seasonal ingredients and open-fire cooking make for a memorable experience.

A visit to Tulum presents the unique opportunity to swim in a cenote. These natural sinkholes, which can be open or shaped like caves, are found all over the region. It’s believed that there are more than 7,000 in the Yucatan Peninsula. The Maya considered cenotes to be the entrance to the underworld, and swimming in them is a truly unique experience.

Two Travel can help you with your Mexico vacation. We tailor trips for groups who want to start their vacation in Mexico City or Tulum. Get in touch and we’ll help you build your journey. Or take a look at our recommendations for Things to do in Tulum this year.

Oaxaca – best for a foodie Mexico trip

Oaxaca street

With a fascinating history, rich cuisine, and bustling art scene, Oaxaca holds the very best of Mexico. This beautiful capital city is a short flight from Mexico City (you can also fly nonstop from some US cities). It captures every traveler’s heart within minutes of walking around its historic center. Its centerpiece is the church of Santo Domingo de Guzmán, a baroque masterpiece that boasts a gorgeous altarpiece inside. Highlights also include Centro Cultural San Pablo, an old convent that went through an impressive restoration. It now features a modern building that houses temporary exhibitions.

Just outside the city, you will find two of the country’s most important archaeological sites. First is the breathtaking city of Monte Albán, which was once the capital of the Zapotec culture. And second is Mitla, a ceremonial site best known for the intricate carvings on its stone walls and columns. The most convenient way to explore them is by booking a tour through a certified provider.

Food in Oaxaca

It’s not an overstatement to say that many travelers come to Oaxaca to eat and drink. The city is home to eclectic food markets, like Mercado 20 de Noviembre. Here you can sample local specialties like cecina (cured beef), chapulines (toasted grasshoppers), quesillo (fresh string cheese), and Oaxacan hot chocolate. Among its many fantastic restaurants, check out city icons like Casa Oaxaca and Origen. They in turn paved the way for innovative concepts such as Criollo and Levadura de Olla. 

When it comes to drinking in Oaxaca, mezcal is king. This agave-based spirit is produced in nine states in Mexico, but Oaxaca boasts two-thirds of the whole country’s production. You will find this mystical liquid in pretty much any restaurant or bar across the city. We highly recommend booking a spot at La Mezcaloteca for a tasting of the most exquisite artisanal mezcal.

Mérida – to explore Mexico’s history

Merida is the capital of Yucatán. It holds a rich Maya history and a colonial past. It’s also one of the most thriving cities in the country today. This warm, welcoming city is as exciting for history buffs as it is for foodies and those who love a more relaxed approach to life. You can fly nonstop from Mexico City or from US cities like Houston and Dallas.  

Stroll along Paseo Montejo, Mérida’s main avenue, and take in the beauty of the grand colonial mansions. Some have been repurposed as restaurants, museums, hotels, and even banks. These buildings speak of the city’s splendor during the end of the 19th century when the city and its surroundings were the centers of sisal fiber production.

In Mérida’s beautifully-preserved historic center, you’ll find the San Ildefonso Cathedral, the oldest cathedral in the country. On the same square, Dulcería and Sorbetería Colón serves the most famous ice cream in town. We especially recommend the coconut sorbet! 

Mayan pyramid in Merida

Speaking of treating yourself, Mérida is a true culinary paradise. Yucatán cuisine includes specialties like cochinita pibil, relleno negro, and sopa de lima, among many other dishes. Make sure to book a table at Museo de la Gastronomía Yucateca for a taste of authentic Yucatán cooking with a side of culture. For a high-end dinner, stop at the beautiful Kuuk, and if you’re in the mood for a casual, authentic brunch, La Lupita serves unforgettable lechón (suckling pig) tacos and tortas.

Mérida is home to the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya, a modern building that will take you on a journey into the fascinating history of the Maya people through artifacts, textiles, and interactive exhibitions. Just two hours away from the city, the grand archaeological site of Chichén Itzá awaits. Named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World by UNESCO in 2007, this magnificent Maya complex features the iconic Kukulcan pyramid, a Ball Game court, and several platforms with intriguing panels and carvings. Book a certified tour and explore this stunning historic area.

San Miguel de Allende – a must for any Mexico vacation

This colonial city in Guanajuato constantly tops international lists on where to travel, and it’s easy to understand why. Its colorful houses, cobblestone streets, and mountainous landscape give it a magical atmosphere, one that makes visitors want to come back time and again. It’s just a three-and-a-half-hour drive from Mexico City, so it’s pretty easy to keep the love affair alive.

Start your San Miguel exploration at the very heart of the city: the main square around the Parroquia de San Miguel Arcángel, the iconic pink limestone church that towers over the old town. Built in the 17th century, the church is open to the public and the setting for weddings and quince años, as well as for ordinary religious celebrations. Its unique towers were designed by stonemason Zeferino Gutiérrez and added in the 19th century. According to legend, the artist was inspired by a postcard of a Belgian church for his masterpiece. 

Around the square, there is no better plan than to walk around without any particular direction. The old town is packed with adorable boutiques and art galleries, such as Dôce18 Concept House, where you will find pieces by various Mexican designers. For authentic crafts, get lost in Mercado de Artesanías. A few minutes away, Fábrica La Aurora is a dream destination for furniture and home decor.

Thanks to its location in the Bajío region, San Miguel is at the center of an important sustainability and farm-to-table movement. Among its many delightful restaurants, local favorite Cumpanio doles out hearty brunches, excellent cocktails, and the best bread in town. Make sure to check out sister bakery Panio. And Luna Rooftop Bar, at the Rosewood San Miguel de Allende, offers delicious drinks and tapas with the best panoramic views of the city and its surrounding mountains.

San Miguel Allende streets

If you need help planning your trip to Mexico, get in touch. We’ll help you plan your Mexico vacation – helping you find accommodation, organizing transport and tours, and getting you that sought after reservation.

Amare Beach Club Day

Amare Beach Club, Cartagena

Amare Beach Club is a firm favorite with locals craving a beach day without the crowds of tourists or the vendors. It’s only 10 minutes from the city, but you would never know it. It’s hidden on the far side of Tierra Bomba on a beach called Playa Linda (which translates to “beautiful beach”). Here you have a view of the ocean, the beach and the palm trees – what more could one ask for?!

Amare really is a gem of a place. The beach is huge and white. The sky is blue 320 days of the year, and the water is clean and clear. And at Amare, you can choose your style. Set back under the palms, you’ll find a gorgeous pool and plenty of places to relax. For those that want more “on the beach action”, head to the loungers set on the beach.

But it’s not just the setting that you’ll love at Amare Beach Club. You’ll also find excellent cocktails recommended by all the city’s bartenders, plus deliciously satisfying design-your-own bowl-style lunches. And look out for the regular events, featuring some of the best DJs in town (and some of the coolest locals!)

This beach club truly is for those in-the-know wanting to experience local Cartagenero culture at its coolest!

What’s included in the Amare Beach Club day pass?

  • Round trip by boat departing from Playa Hospital Bocagrande
  • Pool and beach access all day
  • Sunbeds and shade
  • Wi-Fi
  • $20 USD credit for food and drinks

 2023 Things To Do In Tulum

There really is an unforgettable luxury to enjoying the Caribbean Mexican jungle in Tulum. Here, you can relax and disconnect from your daily routine, celebrate and have fun in a paradise. If you’re looking for things to do in Tulum, read on. When you book with Two Travel, we customize memorable experiences, tailored for you.

Here are just some of the best things to do in Tulum. We’ve selected both day and night activities that could be part of your Tulum adventure, including a few places that celebrities go to. At the end you´ll find a few additional things to know before you travel to Tulum.

Things to do in and around Tulum during daylight

If you’re into waking up to see the sunrise at the beach and hiking before lunch you’d probably like to start your day at Boca Paila, 20 km away from Tulum. Boca Paila is a natural corner within the Natural Reserve of Sian Ka’an where the sunrises are unforgettable. Almost untouched by humans, Boca Paila divides the sea from the lagoon. It’s a marine paradise for sport fishing and nature lovers.  Boca Paila is one of the best kept secrets near Tulum. Here, you can feel white and soft sand while you enjoy the sunrise. Then go across the wetlands that connect with the Mayan archaeological zone of Chuyn-Che.

For a more relaxed start to the day, maybe stay in Tulum. Grab a coffee at Alfonsina Bistro and a gluten free, vegetarian little something to eat, like their handmade freshly baked bread. Then head to an archeological site, a cenote or a cool beach club.

Tulum ruins (but not the ones everyone knows about)

Mayan city of Muyil, located in Quintana Roo, Mexico

Tulum, a place that was formerly called Zamá, was originally a Mayan city surrounded by a wall that you can still explore. Hiking at this archeological site feels like you’re walking through an abandoned old city in the middle of the jungle. If you’d rather avoid the crowds of Tulum’s most popular ruins, be there as soon as the site opens (8 am). Or head to Myuil to enjoy another historical site surrounded by lagoons. 

The Muyil ruins in Tulum are an ancient complex surrounded by lagoons. They are also in the Natural Reserve of Sian Ka’an (’where the sky was born’). After visiting Muyil ruins you could go sailing and snorkelling in the nearby calm river. Take in the calming sounds of nature, far away from the sometimes crowded main attractions.

Swim with turtles in fresh crystal clear cenotes


Visiting a cenote is another great activity to do after a light breakfast, or during the afternoon. All of the cenotes have fresh crystal clear waters and each one of them has its own particular charm.

Gran Cenote, the most popular around Tulum, is where you can swim with turtles. However it is not the only cenote where you will see animals. If you’re into visiting more exclusive places, you could get tickets to Suytun Cenote in Valladolid (1.5 hour drive away). Cenote Dos Ojos is perfect for scuba diving and it’s here where you’ll find many divers practising all kinds of diving, including cave scuba diving.

Did you know there are around 10.000 cenotes in the Yucatan peninsula? Two Travel can help you decide which of the many cenotes is the best for the experience you want. We can arrange transport, tickets, equipment and refreshments in advance and make sure you avoid any scams.

Now let’s talk about lunch in Tulum

You might decide to luxuriate in the magical relaxation of the Suytun Cenote. If you do, you can enjoy lunch in the area  before returning to Tulum. There are many local places with excellent options for every appetite. Yerbabuena del Sisal for example, has a great menu of traditional, fresh, healthy and natural Mexican food.

Food in Tulum
Photo by: Yerbabuena del Sisal

Or if you prefer to stay in the Tulum area, Taboo is one of the beach clubs at the heart of Tulum and is also a popular nightclub. Taboo is the perfect place for an amazing lunch and a fresh cocktail at the beach. Since it also has a private pool area, it’s perfect for group celebrations. 

Hartwood is another great eatery, where the menu changes daily and everything is cooked over an open flame. It’s our recommendation for a more intimate yet extraordinary lunch with a jungle ambience not so far away from the beach. Hartwood is a Mexican restaurant located on a jungle road along the Caribbean Sea in Tulum. Ingredients are bought locally, grown organically, so the creative menu changes every season. The place is open Wednesday through Sunday starting at 6pm.

Keep in mind that Hartwood and other unique places usually require a reservation. When you book a trip with Two Travel, we can select and book the perfect restaurants and beach clubs so you can focus on relaxing  or celebrating.

Cultural things to do in Tulum

For more cultural activities with a bohemian feeling in Tulum, try an açaí bowl with a delicious kombucha at Matcha Mama. Then visit the sculpture park to see the very famous installation “Ven a la luz” (“come into the light”) by South African artist Daniel Popper. The best time to visit is from 9am-10am, and just before closing, from 5pm-6pm. So this is a perfect activity for after lunch and before dinner.

Wellness things to do in Tulum

Tulum grew in popularity for many reasons, but one of the most important has been its popularity as a wellness tourism destination. In Tulum, you’ll find all kinds of health improvement experiences that encourage the renewal of mind, body, and spirit. 

Wellness in Tulum Beaches

Two Travel can help you relax with a wide variety of wellness experiences. Maybe a pre-hispanic traditional mayan treatment, an energy cleanse or a detox program? And don’t forget those relaxing and energizing spa rituals.

Of course, we’ll arrange a comfortable villa with a pool and don’t miss the chance of an in-house full body massage before dinner.

Dinner and party time!

Tulum is a luxurious paradise with a high-fashion vibe. Celebrities like Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz have fallen in love with Tulum. There are a great variety of places for unforgettable dinners and exclusive celebrations.

Here are just three top spots for dinner.

Ilios, for a fun dinner

Ilio restaurant in Tulum
Photo by: Ilios

We all know that Greeks know how to celebrate, and Ilios brings celebration to dinner. It has such a vibe and culturally rich environment that you will never forget that Greek night in Tulum. Make sure you have some Tzatziki while watching the fire show.

“A place where Mediterranean gastronomy converges with good taste, representing the best that Greek culture has to offer. Ilios is known as the best restaurant in Tulum, that offers a unique experience where all your senses converge creating the perfect combination.”

Gypsy Jungle, for a chill dinner with a bohemian vibe

For a more chill vibe for dinner (or lunch) we suggest Gypsy Jungle. Dance under a disco ball surrounded by NYC´s Governors Island inspired environment, but with a Caribbean ocean view. Make sure you try their daily fresh juices or their signature cocktails: Jungle Fever, Kisses in the Car, Gitano Margarita. Every preparation is made with seasonal fruits & herbs, and over 50 Mezcals from Oaxaca, another of the wonderful places in Mexico.

“As dinner turns into dancing, guests can kick their shoes off and enjoy GITANO’s Jungle Room, a space meant for fun and free expression – all set against colonial-inspired architecture tucked into an eons-old jungle.”

Kin Toh, for an extreme dinner with a view

If you are into high experiences, you could have dinner in a tree house or in the sky. Kin Toh is a restaurant where you can dine in a gorgeous nest built on stilts 12m above Tulum`s jungle.

Photo by: Kin Toh

“You will feel welcome and embraced in our nests. Appreciate the immensity of the Caribbean Sea and the Mayan jungle from the top of the trees. Become one with nature and free yourself.”

If you rather stay in the ground and join the best parties during your stay, Two Travel knows all the cutting-edge experiences and exclusive spots for each part of your trip. 

A few things to know before you travel to Tulum

  • Tulum is a jungle so the signal tends to be bad.
  • The inhabited area of Tulum has only one main road between north and south where most people ride bikes around, but some people prefer to rent a car that also allows them to get around near cities like Valladolid and go to more intimate spots. There are multiple local transportation options, make sure to pick the most comfortable for your trip and consider there are not currently any taxi or ride-sharing apps in Tulum.
  • When you plan your outfits, consider that the bars and restaurants are often open-air and lit by candles or low-energy lights and that most of Tulum floors, including the floors of some deluxe restaurants and other hot spots, are covered with gravel and mud rocks. Although it is usually never cold, you might want to bring something light to cover yourself and a pair of comfortable shoes to move around, apart from your heels and instagrammable shoes.
  • Cenotes and other areas around have those rocky floors so you might also want to bring water shoes for daylight activities.
  • We highly recommend that you reserve a stay with a pool, private if possible. You’ll thank us later. 
  • There are not many ATMs and exact change will be necessary for certain activities like ruins entrances. Although Two Travel concierge service can manage most of the payments for you, you might want to bring some cash for tips. Keep in mind that like in many other places in Mexico, tips are sometimes the main and major source of income for many locals.
  • In case you’re worried about seaweed season, Two Travel can make recommendations and arrangements so that you make the best of your trip at any time during the year.

Are you ready to experience Tulum?

When you start planning your Tulum adventure, keep in mind that there are more bohemian, cultural, fun activities to add to your itinerary apart from the ones listed before and Two Travel is dedicated to make your dream vacation come true, including details that will make it also very special. Make sure to share with us any experience you´d like to have. We pride ourselves on delivering affordable luxury, unforgettable experiences and all the little things in between, for groups wanting a stress-free vacation in Colombia or Mexico.

Mexico City Restaurants – Our Guide On Where To Eat

Mexico City is Restaurant Heaven
Mexico City, Mexico – February 27, 2014: The Angel of Independence sitting in the middle of a busy street in Mexico City, Mexico

Mexico City’s culinary offerings are as wide and diverse as the city itself, ranging from world-class fine dining outlets to irresistible street food and innovative, up-and-coming concepts. Two Travel’s Mexico City restaurant guide includes delicious bites of this extensive gastronomic landscape. Believe us when we say this for starters – we are sure you’ll be left wanting more. We can help you with more recommendations when you book a trip!

Pujol – A Modern Mexican icon

Pujol mexico city

It was a little more than two decades ago that chef Enrique Olvera first opened the doors to his fine dining venture, a truly daring gesture at the time. With a razor-sharp focus on ingredients and flawless technique, Olvera raised traditional flavors and recipes to new, unexpected levels. And he has continued to do so over time, challenging himself and his team to higher standards. 

These days, you can enjoy the Pujol experience in two formats. First is a taco omakase, in which corn is the main protagonist and the chef will surprise you with a series of delightful creations. Second is a multi-course tasting menu, featuring Olvera’s signature mole madre, a sauce that has been aging for more than 2,000 days. 

Price: $$$$

Dress Code: Smart casual

Reservations Needed?: Make sure to book two or three months in advance

Sud777 – Ingredient-Focused Fine Dining

Sud777 - Mexico City restaurant
Photo by: Sud777

Located in the city’s residential Pedregal neighborhood, this beautiful space invites you to take your time as you enjoy each aspect of the experience. At the helm is chef Edgar Nuñez, whose increased passion for putting vegetables at the forefront has allowed the kitchen at Sud777 to evolve over the years. 

In every dish, chef Nuñez and his team make sure every ingredient was grown or born in Mexican soil or water. These ingredients translate into perfectly balanced and beautifully presented creations. Try the smoked kampachi tiradito with hoja santa and chili salsa; turkey breast with amarillito mole, greens, and sweet potato purée; and warm crabmeat salad with butter and squash. Lunch and dinner at Sud777 are available á la carte or as a 12-course tasting menu.

Price: $$$$

Dress Code: Smart casual

Reservations Needed?: Strongly recommended 

Contramar – A Seafood Temple In The City

Contramar restaurant in Mexico City
Photo by: Contramar

It’s not an overstatement to say that most in-the-know visitors who come to Mexico City will hit Contramar at some point. It’s a places you’ll for sure hear about, either from a local or a fellow traveler. This is truly one of the best restaurants in Mexico City. It’s in the heart of Colonia Roma and it’s a favorite for several reasons. The first of course, being the food. Here, chef Gabriela Cámara serves super fresh, unpretentious seafood that is meant to be shared. Think tostadas and tacos, ceviches and aguachiles, and a legendary a la talla-style fish: served whole, half of it seasoned with a parsley rub and the other half with a red chili rub.

To make the experience even more delightful, the service is impeccable. And Contramar’s airy dining room is always bustling with lively conversation. Many patrons love to extend the meals for a couple of hours. Don’t miss the fluffy strawberry-meringue cake or the Carajillo cocktail (made with espresso and Licor 43). You’ll find this cocktail is a staple at most Mexico City eateries.

Price: $$$

Dress Code: Casual

Reservations Needed?: The restaurant doesn’t take reservations; we suggest you get there early.

Nicos – Traditional Recipes Served With Love

Nicos restaurant in Mexico City
Photo by: Nicos

For more than six decades, this family-run restaurant has been celebrating Mexico’s traditional dishes. Led by chef Elena Lugo and her son, Gerardo Vázquez Lugo, Nicos is all about preserving the country’s flavors and making diners feel like part of the family. 

Nicos’ warm, casual atmosphere is equally delightful at breakfast and lunch. If you’re there in the morning, you’ll find a wide variety of egg dishes. We recommend the hearty Enchiladas Nicos: stuffed with chicken and bathed in salsa verde and cream, and topped with poblano pepper slices and melted cheese. They will bring you back to life if you had one too many mezcals the night before.

At lunchtime, don’t miss the charales tacos (with tiny, fried fish from Michoacán), the classic tortilla soup, or chef Elena’s ribs in green pipián mole. Whatever you order, you can be sure that it will be made with excellent ingredients. One of the main drivers of the kitchen at Nicos is the relationship with small producers.  

Price: $$

Dress Code: Casual

Reservations Needed?: Yes


Em - restaurant - Mexico City
Photo by: Em

If you’re looking to delve into one of the most innovative restaurants in Mexico City, Em is one of your best bets. Led by talented young chef Lucho Martínez, Em stands at the corner of Zacatecas and Tonalá in Colonia Roma, where the iconic Máximo Bistrot used to be. The location has proven auspicious for Martínez and his team, whose creative menu, based on using seasonal ingredients with unusual techniques, has drawn the attention of curious foodies in town. 

You can choose between an omakase-style tasting menu or the á la carte option. Unique dishes include a catch of the day with black garlic purée and garlic foam, as well as roasted baby corn with yuzu and soy butter. 

Price: $$$$

Dress Code: Smart casual

Reservations Needed?: Yes

Terraza Cha Cha Cha – A Modern Cantina With A Fabulous View

Terraza Cha Cha Cha - Mexico City restaurants
Photo by: Terraza Cha Cha Cha

This lively restaurant is inspired by the beloved port city of Acapulco and its endless days and nights of partying. It also boasts one of the most spectacular views in Mexico City. Here you’ll get an amazing view of the Monument to the Revolution. This is a perfect spot to spend a Friday or Saturday afternoon. Enjoy tasty cantina-inspired bites, an ice-cold beer, or a refreshing cocktail. Watch the hours go by until night falls and the Monument lights up.

The menu features addictive tacos. We especially recommend the duck carnitas and the Baja-style fish tacos. Also the guacamole sprinkled with chapulines (fried grasshoppers) and seafood tostadas. For main courses, try the grilled octopus or an impressive rib eye served with glazed mushrooms. The fun cocktail offerings include their signature Cantarito, prepared with Patrón Silver tequila, grapefruit soda, and orange, lime, grapefruit, and lemon juice.

Price: $$$

Dress Code: Casual

Reservations Needed?: Yes

El Cardenal – Unbeatable Breakfast With Several Locations

El Cardenal restaurant mexico city
Photo by: El Cardenal

Born in the very heart of the city’s Centro Histórico, El Cardenal has grown to have four locations across the city. Despite this, it remains family-run and family-centered. Its comforting menu features appetizers like escamoles (ant larvae) if you’re feeling adventurous enough to eat some bugs, and entrées like traditional Oaxaca-style stuffed chili. But it’s breakfast that keeps everyone coming back to this iconic Mexico City restaurant. We love to start with their sweet hot chocolate and a fresh-from-the-oven pastry. Then dig into Michoacán-style enchiladas or scrambled eggs served in a clay pot. 

Price: $$

Dress Code: Casual

Reservations Needed?: Yes

Street food – A Few Basics

Mexico City Street Food
London, UK – February, 2018. Mexican street food stall in Brick Lane Market. Landscape format.

The universe of Mexican street food is vast and delicious. Throughout your trip, you are bound to encounter all sorts of street snacks, from giant cups of freshly-squeezed juice to fried churros and tacos stuffed with every meat imaginable. Some of the most fantastic tacos you will come across will be al pastor (pork meat with an adobo rub), beef, carnitas (fried pork), or barbacoa (slow-roasted lamb). With just a splash of lime juice and a dollop of hot salsa, you’ll soon realize why the humble taco is so widely beloved in this country. 

As you explore street corners in Mexico City, you’ll also spot carts or stands offering elotes and esquites. These are two delicious iterations of corn: an elote is corn on the cob, covered in mayo, cheese, and powdered chili, while esquites are corn kernels served hot in a cup with the same toppings as an elote.

While no trip to Mexico City can be considered complete without at least one stop for street food, here are some tips for a positive experience. Choose vendors that look busy with locals. Sticking with a popular spot means you’ll most likely get the freshest ingredients and high quality preparation. Also, keep in mind that Mexico City street food is very spicy! When it comes to salsa, start by asking for a little, “poquito” and only add more if you’re up for it.

If you’re planning a trip to Mexico City, it’s highly likely that you’re already dreaming of the city’s fascinating food scene. This guide will take you to the best places to eat in the city. We can also help you to plan every single detail of your vacation!