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Villas in Cartagena, Medellín and Tulum

When you travel, where you stay is one of your most important decisions. If you’re coming to Colombia or Mexico, tell us what kind of acommodation you’re looking for, and we’ll make recommendations, along with competitive prices and added touches for that extra special home from home experience. With Covid 19, there’s never been a better time to rent a private villa and create all your experiences within your own space.

For more details on any of these properties, contact us.

Villas in Cartagena

We have access to every house for rent in Cartagena’s Old City, Bocagrande and the Rosario Islands (private islands). We work directly with the owners to ensure the best quality service and best price guaranteed.  We also have the largest exclusive database of Walled City villas in Cartagena.

These are all private homes that come fully staffed and allow you to have the privacy you need.  You can check out our exclusive house listings on Airbnb here, but for best prices, make sure to contact us directly.
Remember- we have access to ALL houses. Any house you see on Airbnb even if it’s not listed by us, we can still rent it for a discount.

Villa Rosalía

7 Bedroom Villa

Villa Estrella

9 Bedroom Villa

Villa Ruda

15 Bedroom house

Villa Hortensia

10 Bedroom house
Villas in Medellín

Two Travel can offer a range of deluxe properties in Medellín.  With accommodation in the city or in the hills, we have the perfect place for any group. Contact us for more details.

Casa Cristales

7 Bedroom house

Casa Envigada

6 Bedroom house

Casa San Lucas

10 Bedroom house 

Villas in Tulum
We work directly with owners of some of the best places to stay in Tulum. So if you’re looking for a dream vacation by the beach, look no further!

Hacienda 16

8 Bedroom house

Casa Aldea Canzul

9 Bedroom house

Villa Alta Vista

8 Bedroom house

Hacienda 21

10 Bedroom house

Casa Maya Kaan

4 Bedroom house

Hacienda del Mar

15 Bedroom house