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What to do for New Year’s Eve in Cartagena

If you’re planning to be in Cartagena for New Year’s Eve 2021, you’re in for a treat! Colombia is known for its vast amount of festive New Year’s traditions, and Cartagena in particular offers some of the best opportunities for visitors to participate in the celebrations.

Here’s everything you need to know about visiting Cartagena, Colombia for the turn of the year.

How to Spend New Years Eve in Cartagena

These traditions are a lot of fun, but you may still be wondering about what exactly to do on New Year’s Eve in Cartagena. If so, check out this list of the top 5 ways to celebrate the New Year during your Cartagena vacation!

1. Join a family celebration

As in all of Colombia, Cartagena New Year’s Eve celebrations tend to be much more family-oriented than they are in many other countries. You’ll find that most locals spend the day and evening at home with their families. Some of the younger members head out to clubs and bars, but usually only after midnight when the family celebrations are over. So if you’d really like to celebrate the New Year like a local, try to make some friends and get invited to a family celebration. Then you’ll be able to naturally participate in all the unique Colombian New Year’s traditions along with your host family!

2. Fine Dining

If you’d like to ring in the new year in style, we’d recommend reserving a spot at a Cartagena New Year’s Eve Feast. Several of the top restaurants, hotels, clubs, and bars will have special events, feasts, or parties planned. Many of the more popular events sell out well in advance, so be sure to book your reservations ahead of time!

We’d recommend trying out one of the following restaurants for a classy New Year’s Eve celebration that the entire family can enjoy.

La Pescaderia Ceviches y Piqueos

Carmen Restaurant Cartagena

Restaurante 1621

Stefano’s bistro

La Cocina De Pepina

3. NYE Fireworks at Parque de la Marina

One of the most popular Cartagena NYE activities is the fireworks at Parque de la Marina. Most locals will arrive well before dark with a picnic dinner and chairs or blankets to sit on. If you don’t feel like bringing all that, you can also pick up some delicious Colombian street food on your way and then rent chairs and tables at the park. The firework show doesn’t start until midnight, but you’ll need to arrive early in order to find a place to camp out in the park. If you don’t make it in time to save a spot in this crowded square, you can also usually find a place to watch the fireworks at Muelle de los Pegasos or Cafe Del Mar.

Party at a Club

If your idea of a great New Year’s Eve celebration is exciting Nightlife, Cartagena is the place for you! There are dozens of popular clubs that stay open late on New Year’s Eve. Some clubs, especially those in El Centro, host festive New Year parties with live music. It’s best to head out for some dancing after dinner or other celebrations, as most locals won’t be venturing out to the bars until after midnight on New Year’s Eve.

The following clubs are well known for lively New Year’s Eve Celebrations:

Fragma Club

Mister Babilla

La Movida


If you’re looking to stay away from the club scene and get a little bit more exclusive, we have the parties for you. Starting around Christmas through the beginning of the New Year, we have first VIP access to all the hot events. From Wild Brunch to the famous Abandoned Villa DJ parties and the private island festivals, you’ll have a chance to experience them all working with us. Don’t miss out on the best Cartagena has to offer!

Cartagena Street Party

Perhaps the most looked-forward to Cartagena New Years event is the traditional street party in San Diego Square. Located in one of Cartagena’s trendiest plazas, the BYOB event includes live music, dancing, and a complimentary bottle of aguardiente. This is one of the most popular events in the city and seating is limited. So, you’ll definitely want to book your tickets well in advance to make sure you can welcome in 2020 at this Cartagena New Year’s party!

Note: Tickets to this event cost $75 per person. Information about the music line-up and other details of the party will be released closer to the date.

If you want to ring in 2021 the right way, you can bet that this is one city you won’t be disappointed to visit during this time.

While you’re here, why not take a deeper look at Cartagena? There are plenty of villas, private islands, experiences and yachts to make the most of!

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