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Mexico City

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Embark on an enriching odyssey through the heart of Mexico City with our Tailored Mexico City Itinerary. Trace the city’s narrative, weaving through centuries of captivating stories from ancient Aztec ruins to modern architectural marvels.

Let us lead you on a journey that captures the eclectic essence of Mexico City, a metropolis where tradition harmonizes with innovation, creating an experience that transcends time and resonates with the soul of this remarkable destination.

Immerse Yourself in Mexico City's Culture and Excitement

Embark on a journey into the heart of Mexico City’s dynamic culture with our Tailored Itineraries. Explore renowned landmarks like the historic Zocalo, delve into the cultural tapestry of neighborhoods like Roma and Condesa, and experience the stunning landscapes of Chapultepec.

Xochimilco boat party

Lucha Libre experience

Teotihuacan Pyramids by balloon

Historical and cultural city tour

Mezcal tasting

Dine at Michelin-Star restaurants


Let Two Travel curate and handle all of your reservations and logistics. Our full service affordable luxury concierge will allow you and your group to sit back and relax and let us do the heavy lifting.


Explore curated resources on the best places to stay, indulge in culinary delights, and uncover must-visit attractions. Tailor your journey with insider tips and recommendations for an unforgettable experience in the heart of this dynamic metropolis

Where to stay in Mexico City

From luxurious hotels in the heart of the historic center to chic boutique Airbnb’s in trendy neighborhoods, find the perfect lodging that suits your style

Mexico City Restaurants

Explore a gastronomic journey through diverse flavors, from traditional street tacos to exquisite fine dining, as we unveil the city’s top culinary destinations.

Mexico City Walking Tours

Uncover the city’s vibrant streets, historical landmarks, and local culture as our guided tours reveal the stories, flavors, and hidden gems of this dynamic metropolis.


Mexico City F1 Grand Prix

Immerse yourself in the electric atmosphere as world-class drivers navigate the iconic Autódromo Hermanos Rodríguez circuit, creating a spectacle of high-speed excitement in the heart of Mexico City.

Dia de Muertos Celebration

Experience the cultural tradition and vibrant spirit of Dia de Muertos in Mexico City, where colorful processions and elaborate altars come to life, honoring and celebrating departed loved ones. 


Explore Mexico City through the eyes of fellow travelers who have chosen Two Travel for their unique Mexico City experiences. These genuine stories encapsulate the essence of our personalized journeys, revealing the magic woven into every Mexico City itinerary we create.


frida kahlo museum in mexico city

Frida Kahlo Museum

Also known as La Casa Azul, the Frida Kahlo museum is an unmissable treat in Mexico City.  One of the most famous artists in Mexico, Frida Kahlo lived and painted in this house in Coyoacán...

Angel de la Independencia - Independence angel

Things to do (for everyone) in Mexico City

You finally did it: you booked your trip to Mexico City. Now it’s time to plan your days there. You know you want to absorb the local culture, do some shopping and, of course, eat...

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You’re unique, so is your trip. There’s no one size fits all. We tailor make your vacation so it’s your dream come true. From house and yacht rental to dining and custom experiences, we will take care of everything.