— Unlock Property Investments in Colombia: Your Ultimate Guide to Real Estate Success —

Property Search in Colombia


Market Research and Analysis

Our research strategy combines advanced data analysis, trend evaluation, and local insights. By scrutinizing market trends and leveraging our extensive network for on-the-ground insights, we pinpoint lucrative investment opportunities across Colombia. This meticulous approach minimizes risks and ensures our clients access the most profitable real estate prospects.

Property Selection Criteria

We prioritize location analysis, assessing areas poised for growth and strategic positioning. Evaluating potential return on investment (ROI) is pivotal, considering market trends and historical performance. Furthermore, ensuring legal compliance is integral, underscoring the necessity for comprehensive due diligence to safeguard investments. 

Professional Guidance

Our team offers personalized guidance throughout the property acquisition journey, ensuring a seamless experience for our clients. We adeptly navigate legal procedures, providing expert assistance in negotiations and transaction finalization. By offering tailored support in every step, we alleviate the complexities of the process, empowering clients to make informed decisions.


In-depth Local Market Knowledge

Extensive Networks and Connections

Personalized Client Services

Successful Track Record and Testimonials

Years of Real Estate Experience

Transparency and Trust


Our dedicated team comprises seasoned experts with extensive local knowledge and diverse skill sets in Colombia’s real estate industry. Each member brings unique expertise and collaborative efforts, ensuring tailored solutions and successful outcomes for our clients.

Alyssa Arroyave

Born in New York and now flourishing in Cartagena, she is driven by a deep passion for assisting individuals in all facets of life. Her primary objective is to discover your ideal property seamlessly, alleviating the common challenges associated with purchasing real estate abroad.

Ray Kanevsky

Coming from New York and residing in Cartagena for over five years, he's a seasoned expert in the local real estate market. His extensive experience offers clients invaluable insights and a deep understanding of Cartagena's property landscape for successful investments.

Alyssa HIyama

Hailing from New Zealand and now rooted in Cartagena, she possesses a keen eye for intricate details. Her expertise lies in ensuring a worry-free experience by meticulously handling the often overlooked finer aspects, putting your mind at ease throughout the process.


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