Private Islands

We don’t just have villas in Cartagena. If you’re visiting the city, you can’t miss the Rosario Islands.  Stay on a private island to truly experience this beautiful Caribbean paradise and allow you to have the privacy you need. We work directly with the owners to ensure the best quality service and best price guaranteed.

With Covid 19, there’s never been a better time to rent a private island and create all your experiences there.  You can check out our exclusive island villa listings on Airbnb here, but for best prices, make sure to contact us directly.
Remember- we have access to ALL houses. Any house you see on Airbnb even if it’s not listed by us, we can still rent it for a discount.

Isla Picolino

4 Bedroom House

Isla Bella

8 Bedroom house

Isla Rosada

Rosario Islands
5 Bedroom house

Isla Del Mar

8 Bedroom house

Isla Isabela

5 Bedroom

Isla Azul

5 Bedroom