Best International Cities for a Bachelor Party: Ultimate Guide

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best international cities for bachelor parties

Destination bachelor parties are all the rage. Why just celebrate one night when you can have a whole mini-vacation to say goodbye to singledom? Check out the best international cities for planning your bachelor party.

Cities like Cartagena, Medellin, Mexico City, Ibiza, and Las Vegas stand out as top destinations for bachelor parties. Each offers something totally unique, meaning that you can choose depending on your group’s personal preferences. However, all of them are ideal choices to celebrate in style. Stick with us as we explore what makes these cities exceptional and help you decide the best spot for your bachelor party abroad.

Best International Cities for Bachelor Parties: Cartagena

best international cities for bachelor parties

Cartagena, nestled on Colombia’s Caribbean coast, has become known as one of the best cities for bachelor parties in South America. Known for its colonial charm, luxurious villas, tropical weather, and electrifying nightlife, Cartagena offers a perfect mix of relaxation, party, and excitement. Imagine starting your day on a yacht, cruising the crystal-clear waters of the Caribbean. Crank up the music and party all day long on an island-hopping tour of the Rosario Islands from the privacy of your own boat. Park in Cholón or near Playa Blanca amongst the other party boats and crack open a bottle for the lucky groom. Once you get back to land, chill out at your private villa before heading out to the Old City to party with the lads.

Bachelor Party Ideas in Cartagena 

Renting a private villa in Cartagena for your bachelor party is a no-brainer. You get a private rooftop terrace, pool, and plenty of space to party with your crew all night long. There are also plenty of restaurants in Cartagena that are all within walking distance if you are staying in the walled city or Getsemani. The city is also steeped in history and culture. If you pass by Parque Bolivar at around 6 pm you can watch dancers showcase traditional cumbia and mapale – an African dance that is unique to the Afro-Colombian community.

Nightlife in Cartagena for Bachelor Parties 

best international cities for bachelor parties

Once the scorching Caribbean sun sets over Cartagena, the city comes alive. Cartagena is a city that likes to party every day of the week. One of the appealing things about Cartagena in terms of its nightlife scene is that everything is super close. There’s no need to pay for expensive taxis or move between neighborhoods because the majority of the best bars and clubs in Cartagena are located in Centro (the Walled City) and Getsemani. Check out our post on the best bars and clubs in Cartagena for some inspiration on the hottest places to see and be seen.

Interested in renting a villa or boat in Cartagena? Look no further. Our concierge is happy to help arrange it all!

Pros and Cons of hosting your bachelor party in Cartagena, Colombia 


  • The dollar is strong against the Colombian peso, so many things are more affordable 
  • Stunning natural beaches and islands 
  • The Old City is walkable with a high concentration of bars and restaurants
  • The city is steeped in history and culture 


  • The tropical climate is hot and humid all year around
  • Tourist areas can get crowded
  • Informal sellers in town have a reputation for bothering tourists

Best International Cities for Bachelor Parties: Medellin

best international cities for bachelor parties

Medellín, the city of eternal spring, is another popular choice for a bachelor party. If you travel from the US, you will find that bachelor parties in Colombia are cheaper than they are in the States. Medellín is known for its pleasant spring-like climate all year round, as well as its stunning panoramas and buzzing nightlife.

Bachelor Party in Medellín 

Much like Cartagena, Medellín also boasts some incredible private villas and penthouses to rent for the duration of your stay. Rent a place in El Poblado and ensure you are close to all the action. We particularly recommend Manila, a small but chic neighborhood inside el Poblado where you can find a ton of cool bars and restaurants. We even have our own Airbnb there, complete with hot tub equipped with modern amenities. There’s also plenty to do in Medellín city and the surrounding areas. Take a trip out to the countryside to try your hand at ATV racing or paragliding. Or stay in the city and try all the culinary delights that Medellín has to offer. You can check our blog with recommendations for restaurants in Medellín.

Bachelor Party Packages in Medellin 

We love making your life easier. And in a big, sprawling city like Medellín, it’s much better to have a concierge who can help you plan your trip and lighten the load of planning. Contact us for packages including accommodation, transportation, activities, and concierge services such as VIP club access and table reservations.

Need a buddy in Medellin to help you with all the heavy lifting? Our concierge is more than happy to arrange everything for you, from making reservations to buying groceries.

Nightlife in Medellin 

Medellín’s nightlife is legendary. The Poblado district is at the heart of the city’s nightlife scene. Parque Lleras and Provenza are the two most popular neighborhoods for partying in Medellin. From intimate, vinyl-playing cocktail bars to multi-floor mega clubs, Medellin has something for everyone. It is known as one of the top bachelor party spots for good reason. Get down and dirty dancing all night to reggaeton, bachata, and salsa. Colombians love to dance and they’re not afraid to show it!

Pros and Cons of hosting your bachelor party in Medellin, Colombia 


  • Pleasant climate year-round 
  • Diverse activities, from adventure sports to cultural tours 
  • Welcoming and friendly locals 


  • No beach 
  • Bigger city; more need for transport and organization 

Best International Cities for Bachelor Parties: Mexico City

bachelor party destinations

Mexico City is massively growing in popularity as one of the hottest destinations for a bachelor party. There is so much to do in this culture-rich city. Mexico City offers a unique blend of tradition and modernity not to mention the gastronomy, which is top of its class, from street tacos to fine dining restaurants.

Where to go for a Bachelor Party in Mexico City 

When in Mexico, why not embrace all things Mexican? And you can’t get more traditional than a boat party on a trajinera in the Xochimilco district. It’s a boat party like no other you’ve experienced before; eat, drink, and sing with mariachi bands aboard a colorful gondola-style boat amongst the canals of Mexico City. Lucha Libre is another unmissable cultural experience to be had in Mexico City. This Mexican wrestling tradition makes for a super fun night out with the boys.

Mexico City: The Ultimate Foodie Destination 

What better way of exploring Mexico City than through your stomach? Surprise the groom with a taco tour! Bring a good appetite as you are taken around town to try the best and most authentic tacos in CDMX. And you can’t possibly come to the land of tequila and mezcal without trying them all in a tasting tour. Head to the Museum of Tequila and Mezcal for a historical tour, or even better, have our concierge arrange a tequila and mezcal tasting to be brought to the comfort of your Airbnb.

Mexico City Nightlife for bachelor parties

bachelor party destinations

Mexico City’s nightlife is unparalleled. Aside from being much more affordable than any other bachelor party or boys’ trip in the US, it also makes for a super fun night out. The neighborhoods of Condesa and Roma are where it’s at. Condesa is upscale, yet laid-back, and boasts a wide variety of bars and clubs, from rooftop bars to intimate speakeasies. Roma has a bohemian vibe and is a super picturesque place to party the night away. Polanco is another high-end neighborhood in Mexico City that’s great for partying. Check out our blog post on Mexico City Nightlife to get the best insider tips. All the culture and variation to be found in Mexico City make it one of the top bachelor party cities internationally.

Pros and Cons of hosting your bachelor party in Mexico City 


  • Rich cultural experiences 
  • World-renowned cuisine
  • Extensive nightlife options 


  • Mexico City is a large, bustling city and can be overwhelming
  • Air quality and traffic can be challenging 

Bachelor Party in Ibiza 

bachelor party destinations

If you’re looking for a more classic European bachelor party (and if your bank balance allows), you might consider Ibiza for your bachelor party. Ibiza is an iconic party island and has been a famous bachelor party destination for years. Much like Cartagena, the majority of the activities in Ibiza are based around the beaches or water activities. Going to a boat party is probably one of the most popular activities to do on the island for bachelor groups.

Nightlife in Ibiza 

bachelor party destinations

Partying in Ibiza is famous throughout the entire world. Certainly not cheap, you are promised some of the most memorable nights of your life. For clubs, check out Pacha or Amnesia, or take a town bar crawl and visit different places along the strip. And who said partying could only happen at night? In Ibiza, we party all day too, at beach clubs such as O-Beach, where you can get your drink and tan on at the same time.

Pros and Cons of hosting your bachelor party in Ibiza, Spain 


  • World-renowned nightlife and clubs
  • Stunning beaches 
  • Plenty of daytime activities like boat trips and rentals 


  • Ibiza is famously expensive, so you will have to budget a lot for this trip
  • Ibiza can get very crowded, especially during high season 
  • There are a lot of travel logistics involved in getting to Ibiza, especially if you are traveling from the US

Bachelor Party in Las Vegas 

bachelor party destinations

Another emblematic bachelor party destination is Las Vegas. As they say, what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. If you and your crew are fans of gambling or are simply feeling lucky, you can hit the casinos and see if you can win back the cost of the trip. Top tip: bring cash only and leave your bank cards back at the hotel!

Legendary Nightlife in Las Vegas 

Nightlife in Las Vegas is like no other. In typical American style, everything is bigger, better, and bolder. Omnia, on the Vegas Strip, is an epic 75,000-square-foot nightclub, where famous DJs often play. Or you could check out Cirque du Soleil’s legendary comedy burlesque show, which leaves little to the imagination. You can also practice your poker face at the Bellagio if you dare.

Pros and Cons of hosting your bachelor party in Las Vegas  


  • You can find 24/7 entertainment in Las Vegas. It is truly the city that never sleeps. 
  • There are plenty of luxurious accommodation options in Las Vegas.


  • A bachelor party in Las Vegas is guaranteed to be an expensive affair for everyone involved. Not for those on a tighter budget.
  • There is a big focus on gambling, so if this isn’t your and your group’s idea of a good time, you might be better suited to a different place.
  • If you’re looking for a more chill, relaxing escape, Vegas isn’t your place. Everything can get very crowded and noisy, especially near the famous Strip.

Best International Cities for Bachelor Parties: Final Insights

Choosing the best international city for bachelor parties involves considering what each destination has to offer. Choose Cartagena if you like tropical, beach-focused activities in a picturesque, colonial surrounding. Choose Medellín if you prefer a bigger city with access to stunning countryside and an unparalleled nightlife scene. And choose Mexico City if you and your crew are big into culture (or tequila) and you’re willing to take on a big city. Each of these international bachelor party destinations has so much to offer, there is no doubt that whichever place you end up deciding on, you’re sure to have the time of your life. So, pack your bags, gather your friends, and get ready for an international adventure that celebrates the groom-to-be in the most memorable way possible.

Whichever destination you end up in, our concierge team is here to make your trip the trip of a lifetime. Get in touch today to start planning!


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