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Cabo San Lucas
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– Terms and Conditions –

To access VIP services, the following conditions and prohibitions must be taken into account:

1. By choosing to be a VIP member, the rate of this service, unless expressly indicated otherwise by the service provider, will not be subject to variations, cancellations or refunds, once the payment of such service is made.

2. The VIP membership purchase is valid for 1 calendar year, unless otherwise indicated. Your confirmation email will confirm the date of your membership validity and the expiration date of your membership.

3. The services of the VIP member are non-transferable, non-transmissible and can only be used and enjoyed by the VIP member.

4. The special discount on the concierge service may only be enjoyed by members of the VIP member's group who can prove such condition.

5. The member who intends to make use of the benefits included in the VIP membership program must be present at the destination and place where the service is to be provided.

6. Discounts on properties, experiences, activities and boat rentals will be subject to seasonal changes and may never be enjoyed by a person other than the VIP member.