How safe is Cartagena, Colombia to visit?

Cartagena is one of the safest cities in Colombia. Most visitors will spend their entire time in the areas of the walled city, Getsemani, Manga, Bocagrande, Castillogrande and La Boquilla. Nothing in life is certain, but it is extremely unlikely that you will encounter anything that could be considered unsafe in these neighborhoods. Within the […]

Is it safe to visit Colombia?

Colombia has become a popular country for tourists over the last few years. Most tourists tend to visit the larger cities, the coffee area around Medellín and the Caribbean coast around Cartagena. These areas are generally safe for tourists, but do take care, as Colombia is still a developing country. Many people earn less than […]

What is the currency of colombia?

The Colombian currency is the peso (COP). The exchange rate is around $1 = 3500 pesos. It’s a good idea to get some Colombian pesos from an ATM (bring a debit card for this) after arrival to pay for budget meals, bus tickets, small souvenirs, and taxis. Credit cards are accepted in most restaurants, bars, […]

Do I need a visa for Colombia?

Colombia has a relaxed policy towards visas and there are few nationals visiting Colombia that need one. A 90-day stay is permitted upon arrival to citizens from the United States, most of Europe and the Americas, as well as Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, South Africa, and Japan.

How do I pay Two Travel?

We accept all forms of payment. We have offices in New York, Cartagena, and Tulum so you can use any cash transfer app (PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, etc) or any credit card.

How long does it take to plan a trip?

Great question! This will depend a lot on the time of season you go, but our rule of thumb is to confirm your house and boat (the big items) 3-6 months in advance and then we work on your custom itinerary 2-3 months before your arrival to ensure you get the best our cities have […]

What’s included in Two Travel’s Concierge Service?

It’s just that, it’s a service. Every group has a dedicated Concierge team comprised of our Client Manager, Reservation Manager, and Private Event Manager. This team will help plan and build your custom itinerary while simultaneoulsy handling all the logistics before you arrive until you leave. As your single point of contact,we will bring everything […]

What is the Coronavirus situation in Colombia and Mexico?

Coronavirus is an important consideration when deciding when to travel. You should assess the risks before you travel. Our Concierge Service can give you up-to-date information when you make an enquiry, and with a Dedicated Concierge, we can advise you just before travel, and during your trip, to help to keep you safe.All of the […]